Our 21st Annual Conference

Break the Mold and think imaginatively…

Go Beyond Business As Usual and replace traditional or expected ideas with significant positive change.

Join hundreds of your peers at The Competitive Edge Conference and meet decision makers and thought leaders who are poised to put you in a mindset to think differently in how you operate, conduct, and build your business.


Playing to Win: MWDBE Success Stories

A panel of your peers provides a firsthand look on how they secured their contracts. Each will share their respective stories and insights on how to navigate the government procurement system, build relationships, secure financing, know when to say no, and position your business for profitability. Learn more >

Mastering the NEW Financial Landscape

We have assembled a panel of experts to enlighten you on the various resources available in government and the private sector that can prove to be the answer to the financing you seek. Later Sign up for a private One-on-One Session with our panelists and other financial experts during the Trade Fair and receive even more invaluable information. Learn more >

Discretionary Procurement:
The Secret is Out!

Did you know that not every contract solicited by government agencies is for competitive bid? Panelist from New York State and City agencies will let you in on a little known secret regarding no bid small and micro purchases contracts specifically designed for small business service suppliers. Learn more >


Next Steps: Maximizing Your Opportunities After Certification

Newly certified? Wondering where do I go from here and at what cost? Panelists representing PTAC, NYC SBS, NYC SCA and GSA will lead you on a guided tour of the many free services made available by City, State and Federal government agencies to increase your knowledge of the process and aid your growth opportunities. Learn more >


Legislative Public Policy and Advocacy Panel

Stay up-to-date with City, State, and Federal Laws that affect small businesses i.e. unions, lobbyists, and new regulations. Learn what the de Blasio and Cuomo administrations are doing on your behalf; How can small businesses impact public policy? How can you leverage your political relationships? Know your rights through FOI (Freedom of Information Act. Learn more >


Double Your Revenues in Twelve Months

Learn impactful strategies to develop the mindset, tools and resources to accelerate growth within your business. Doubling your revenues in 12 months or less is not an impossibility. Join the interactive discussion on what iconic CEO’s have and use on a daily basis that assist them in developing strategies for successful business growth. Learn more >